Thoughts of Past and Present

As I stood there I did not see what was in front of me, for I was looking back to the past. Yet it was no more my desire to retreat from here mentally than physically.

Little by little I allowed the past to unfold. Old memories torn out by roots returned to fill that awful emptiness. Looking back through the years, they telescoped together and seemed to occupy far less space than they actually had. I realized this but what I did not realize was that this was the first approaching sign of old age.

Along with the crushing weight of memory, I thought, ‘How fast my family and those so dear to me are disappearing. It is too late to change things, I know that, but it is never too late to weigh and learn.’

As I traveled the road of my past, I began to understand each incident a little clearer. I traveled slopes, straight roads, high roads, roads that twisted and turned, but there had been no crossroads, so to speak. I was never faced with taking the wrong turn. I lived through those days of heartache and heart break, trials and triumphs, but on balance, found many more days that brought joy and happiness and now peace for my soul…


Couley Double Church Cemetery is truly a physical treasure that helps its families anchor their past to the present and, for many, a final resting place in their future!